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1.Don’t avoid seeing a Chiropractor or Doctor.

This is rule number one because even though you can try do some home treatment if you have a situation of a nerve in your neck being trapped you can lose function in that nerve. Not to be alarmist, but pain is just the warning sign.

There are worse things that can happen from having a trapped nerve you may not realise like loss of muscle strength, bowel bladder changes from a severely herniated disc, or other conditions causing nerve problems like infection or tumors. Use a healthcare professional first to give you a diagnosis of your neck pain then decide what you want to do.

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Do you have a stiff neck? Here are some tips to help you loosen up.

Posture corrections. Neck muscles can pull your head forward. Do you sit and stand in a good, neutral upright position or is your head ‘forward’? You can tell if you have a forward-head posture if you always catch your reflection in the mirror or a window with your head thrust forward

Ice or cold therapy. Cold therapy is excellent for necks. It works well for both nerves and muscles.

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