Obesity America Statistics

Obesity America Statistics

Obesity Problems, Treatments And Solutions

While global obesity still remains a serious problem, a major health concern in America is the America Obesity Problem. For Americans today, obesity is the number one health problem.

The statistics for obesity in adults is that a staggering two-thirds of American adults are considered being overweight, while one-third of Americans are considered obese or seriously overweight.

The Definition Of Obesity

Obesity Is Defined As having an excess amount of body fat; being twenty to thirty per cent over the ideal weight for age, sex, and height. The america obesity problem is the number one health concern in the USA.

The Effects Of Obesity

Setting aside its considerable emotional and aesthetic issues, the effects of obesity include life-threatening health conditions such as diabetes obesity, high blood pressure, kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancer, and gallstones.

Excessive body weight also creates a large amount of stress on joints, ultimately increasing a person’s chances of developing arthritis.

These and other side effects of being obese stem from the poor lifestyle choices people choose which cause them to be obese. The low level of physical activity and high level of cholesterol taken in by eating too much of the wrong foods can damage the proper functioning of your heat and blood vessels.

This is what mainly causes high blood pressure, risk of stroke, and other blood circulation and heart conditions. Being overweight also causes sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder which causes one to stop breathing while sleeping.

In general, doctors and health experts warn that having a lot of excess fat around your waist increases the risk of developing several different disease and conditions, some of which are mentioned above. Women going above a size thirty five, or men going beyond a size forty are only likely to experience trouble in the future.

However, obesity can be cured with patience and effort. As this diseases spreads over the land, so do the efforts for curing it increase. Talk to your physician if you are interested in getting rid of obesity.

How to Prevent and Fight Obesity

Given the risks inherent in being obese or even overweight, it’s important to take safe, natural steps to prevent obesity and improve one’s own health. One way to do this is to include herbal dietary supplements in your diet such as appetite suppressants that will limit your amount of daily food intake.

Appetite suppressants such as Hoodia Gordonii are now considered a very effective way to fight obesity and lose weight by eating less. An herbal obesity cure can help to raise your bodys metabolic level, suppress your appetite, and improve your overall health and well-being. By suppressing your appetite, you can shut off your hunger for hours at a time, and later when you are hungry, you will eat less as your stomach has gotten smaller. This can have a profound effect on your ability to lose weight without you having to change your diet.

Having to change day to day eating and lifestyle habits is the number one reason why most people fail in their dieting. For example, most people know that exercising regularly helps to maintain a good weight. Most diets require you to exercise more than usual, eat less and eat things you normally would not eat.

Of course, some diets are better than others. However no drastic changes need to be made when you are eating less in the first place. To lose weight successfully, you must simply take in less calories than you burn out. By suppressing your appetite, you will naturally take in less calories and will see the improvements right away.

But, as always when researching available herbal wegith loss supplements, it’s important to be aware of any possible side effects others have experienced. Always check the product website for a listing of ingredients and research these ingredients on your own. You can also talk over the list of ingredients with your doctor to learn how each of these herbs and compounds will benefit you towards losing weight safely and effectively.

Examples of herbs seen to promote weight loss include:

Aloe Vera: improves digestion by cleaning the digestive tract.

Astralgus: provides a boost of energy and quickly satisfies any craving for sweets.

Bee pollen: a herbal weight loss method that stimulates metabolism and, as with Astralgus, quickly satisfies any urge for sweets.

Ephedra (also known as huang): a weight loss supplement that suppresses appetite and increases the metabolism. We recommend against products that contain this herb because it has been seen to cause heart problems and other side effects.

Kelp: provides a boost to the metabolism.

Licorice: reduces any cravings for sweets and regulates blood sugar levels.

Remember though, on top of appetite suppressants and other medications for aiding natural weight loss, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercise moderately 3 times per week so that when you do eat, you will take in less calories, and become a healthier person in the process.

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