Return To Wellness Newsletter

Return To Wellness Newsletter

lcome to the Return To Wellness April Newsletter! The purpose of the newsletter is to bring you information on new nutritional research and products which have shown excellent results with clients in my practice. Also this newsletter provides you the opportunity to ask questions regarding health issues via the contact form.
Protandim has now launched in Australia! Protandim is a scientifically validated herbal formula tfor reducing oxidative stress. For more information watch the ABC Prime Time Investigative Report on Protandim done in 2005 when the first clinical study results were announced: for more information.
Call Dr. Ranga for purchasing the formula at wholesale prices online.

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Supporting the healing process with meditatiom?

Join our Healing Circle
The Healing Circle: It is a weekly meeting to address the needs of clients I see in my practice who are suffering from Cancer and other chronic illnesses. The objectives of the group are to :
1. Learn a healing meditation and deep relaxation technique called The "Healing Touch" I developed based on several ancient healing and meditation techniques. Human touch with compassionate intention can induce a state of deep relaxation and profound sense p/of wellbeing. The intention is to support the participants in a nurturing environment of giving and sharing.
2. To support each other in the group in providing
" Healing Touch" treatments.
I lead the group in a guided meditation for healing. This is then followed by a short training session in the Healing Touch technique. We spend some time practising the Healing Touch on ourselves, and once we are confident with the technique, use on others in the group.
Anyone interested in preserving and enhancing their health as well as those undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy or other treatments for cancer, their family or carers, health professionals, or anyone with other health conditions interested in getting better are welcome. The group will start meeting from second week of August continue for 8 weeks.
There is a $10 contribution per meeting. Meetings are to be held at the Mosman Professional Centre, Bridgepoint Shopping Centre.
Please inquire at World of Health or by emailing me for times and for booking.
Please book in for 8 sessions as space is limited to 20.
Call 9969-3920, drop in to World of Health or email me:

Vanessa is a Nutritionist as well as a fully qualified and experineced Beauty Therapist specializing in natural beauty products. She is available for in-store consultations on Thursdays to provide advise on how you can use non-toxic cosmetics, hair and skin products. Vanessa specializes in the EVOHE and Ere Perez natural beauty ranges.