Week in review: Microsoft getting lucky with 7?

Week in review: Microsoft getting lucky with 7?

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Monday, 11 July 2011 01:08
It looks as though Microsoft may have a winner inWindows 7, at least in comparison to Vista. The software giant sawrelatively strong early adoption of Windows 7 in the 10 days since its official launch. According to Net Applications, more t

It looks as though Microsoft may have a winner inWindows 7, at least in comparison to Vista.

The software giant sawrelatively strong early adoption of Windows 7 in the 10 days since its official launch. According to Net Applications, more than 3 percent of PCs accessing the Web in the past two days have been doing so using the new operating system. Usage of the operating system has been growing strong in recent days, though Windows 7 already accounted for 2 percent of global Web traffic in the days ahead of its formal launch.

Judging by its initial sales, Windows 7 is certainly proving more popular than Vista. Microsoft sold 234 percent more boxed editions of Windows 7 than it did Vista in the initial releases of both products, according to research released by NPD Group.

In actual dollars, Windows 7 has also beenmore successful than Vista. However, early discounts on pre-sales copies and a lack of a promotional boost behind Windows 7 Ultimate led to revenues only 82 percent greater than those of Vista.

&149; Windows 7 upgrade version: The dos and donts

&149; FAQ: Buying the right Windows 7 upgrade

&149; Microsoft Windows 7 vs. Apple Snow Leopard

Intel used payments to keep computer makers from selling systems with AMD chips, according to New Yorks attorney general. Its a new front in an old Intel war.

&149; N.Y. lawsuit details Intels largesse toward Dell

The cellular carrier acknowledges problems affecting both its voice and data networks.

&149; T-Mobile users still reeling from outage

&149; T-Mobile says software error behind outage

AT&T is suing Verizon Wireless over its Theres a Map for That ad campaign, stating that it misleads consumers about AT&Ts network coverage.

Small and medium-size businesses, governments, and school districts are targets of online bank fraud involving malicious e-mails, key loggers, and money mules, FBI says.

&149; Phishing, worms spike this year, say Microsoft and McAfee

&149; New Trojan encrypts files but leaves no ransom note

&149; Hacker breaks into jailbroken iPhones, asks for $7

A Cupertino, Calif.-based start-up claims the bookseller misappropriated its trade secrets in its design of a similar e-reader.

&149; Spring Design seeks injunction barring Nook sales

Its given a new look to both its home page and the MSN butterfly logo. The main page now has just half as many links, with more videos and photos.

&149; Microsoft to fix holes in Windows, Office

The first beta ofFirefox 3.6 may have crossed the finish line weeks late, but Mozilla says the final version should still be done this year.

&149; Firefox gets a quick fix

&149; Firefox gains Windows 7 features

No matter what happens in Copenhagen next month,green-tech companies say industry and national governments will drive investment in the near term, an analysis shows.

&149; Waste Management squeezes fuel from landfills

&149; LA changing its glow for more efficiency

&149; PetroAlgae signs deal with Indian Oil

Is the Lose/Lose game a legitimate art project, or should it be flagged as malware because it deletes files?

When is ad not an ad? When its an offer for something other than what you think you are signing up for.

&149; After onstage spat, Offerpal replaces CEO

&149; Offerpal Media mess gets stickier

BlueBeat is streaming Beatles recordings for free and selling them for 25 cents apiece, claiming that they arent the original recordings and therefore arent copyright-protected.

&149; Beatles catalog comes to USB

&149; No Doubt says no to Band Hero depiction

Also of note

&149; An unofficial way to dislike things on Facebook

&149; Best Buy to launch branded movie download service

&149; Wi-Fi-free iPhone officially lands in China

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Happy: So hows Snow Leopard doing against Windows 7?

I thought so... Even with Snow Leopards significantly cheaper price Windows 7 is doing better. Is that what has you so bent out of shape? Poor happy...

Seems to be floating quite well, judging from this article and having in mind that, in a little more than 2 weeks, it already has almost double as much market share as Snow Leopard in more than 2 months (

Is that what upsets you? :-)

Oh well Windows 7 is meant to be virtualized as well most OSes in the future.. oh except OSX..

Youll be stuck with that company that will continue to gouge you.

In the meantime, users, professionals, software vendors, hardware vendors, just about everyone is moving on from scist owned OSes.

Soon to come, iphone emulator to run apps via web or flash... Apple doesnt own those apps, not sure how they are gonna try and rape vendors anymore.

@kojacked: Call him The_Sad_Switcher :P

Nah, Ill just stick with the_sad_er or my little pony. Im sure his vorite color is pink and has a big unicorn sticker on his mac book.

@kojacked and Fil0403--I know that youre trying to get a little rise out The_Happy_Switcher (which is what he was trying to do), but lets keep things in perspective. With around 85% of the market to Macs 8-10%, Wn 7 better double sales of SL. What would that say about Microsoft if it were anything less. This is just a no brainer but its not a reason to jump and shout just yet. A six month and then a one year evaluation would be a better way to gauge the progress of these two OSs. Sorry, I had to throw some logic into the discussion because I know it goes against everything some people around here stand for, but it had to be done.

How can they say strong sales when its been out for what, a couple of weeks? They said the same thing about Vista. Tell me after a year. Also, all these new PCs ship with a 7 license whether or not it gets used, just like Vista and XP before it.

Im sure it will do much better than Vista. Maybe Enterprise will even go with this one. But check back next year for a relative judgement on sales.

Whats interesting, is according to the early adopter polls, the problems and incompatibilities with 7 are little different than with Vista at first. About 1/3rd of people are having moderate or major issues. Thats a lot. And these are early adopters, the most savvy and/or masochistic computer users out there.

The only major difference is marketing. MS did a great job of either convincing journalists, or flat out paying them, to be positive about 7 this time.

Yet, these strong sales come mostly due to huge SALES on hardware. Discounts. Why would one need to discount computers so heavily if 7 really was the end all be all? Why would Best Buy need a Home Makeover, subsidized by MS, to push such a flawless, worthwhile OS? One has to wonder. It will be a good holiday season, but why? Because of people waiting to purchase a computer due to Windows 7 release and the economy, coupled with massive discounts? Most likely. Because, as the Apple commercials point out quite well, there are going to be many customers that would otherwise wait simply because they were burned with Vista, so only a crazy discount will sway them. Like $1200 for 3 computers at Best Buy, no matter how low end they are.

Windows 7 is very good. But its perfection is hype. There are driver issues, there are incompatibilities, there are troubles migrating from XP and even Vista in some situations, etc., etc. These same kind of things hit Vista at first, these same kind of things hit OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 in pockets (iled migrations, mostly).

Thats the reality of new OS releases. All the rest is just marketing hype, dutifully propagated by cnet and others...

You talk as though someone is forcing people to buy new Microsoft PCs. All of these people buying new PCs have every opportunity to buy something else (aka Apple) or just simply do nothing, which essentially means staying with XP. No matter how you look at it, these are definitely strong sales and not simply a fluke or luck. Especially given the difficult economic times. The growth of Windows 7 is truly spectacular. If you choose not to believe it, thats your own misguided option. For me, Im hanging on to my MSFT stock, as I only see it going vertical. I have a hunch, Im not going to loose.

Got to agree with ikramerica--2008 on his comments. If an OS is that good they dont have to discount or give it for free... Did anyone say Ubuntu was free... Based on ikrs comments, Unbuntu is that good, that canonical should charge $1000.00 per copy of ubuntu. BTW, the same goes for free Andriod for mobile, lets charge money for such a good mobile OS...

The article does mention that 7 sold 234% more than Vista so that sounds strong to me. It is early but the indicators are good which is what this article is talking about. I have heard the argument about new pcs are counted whether the os license is used or not. I realize this is a tech audience but I think you are forgetting that you are in that bubble. How many regular people buy a pc and then immediately throw ubuntu on it? Im sure that some do but it is probably not a high percentage, if it was then market share numbers would start reflecting that wouldnt they? Vista had a lot of FUD as well as some genuine issues that caused people to stick with XP but if you run 7 for any length of time you have no desire to switch back to Vista or XP. People reading CNET should realize that anytime an OS is upgraded their are inevitably compatibility issues that come up. That isnt completely up to MS they cant force companies to support the new OS.

The statistics in the article compare the boxed retail sales of 7 and Vista. Licenses shipped with PCs are not included

according to the early adopter polls, the problems and incompatibilities with 7 are little different than with Vista at first. About 1/3rd of people are having moderate or major issues. Really? 1/3rd? Are you sure about that or is that just your personal guess? Sounds like someone who was Hfree virtual makeoversOPING that Windows 7 was gonna go down like Vista. I hate to break it to ya but its not. Sure Vista had it problems and Microsoft was slow at fixing them but Windows 7 is night and day in comparison. Keep the FUD coming... If you wann bash Microsoft be sure and do it to something worthy like IE or WinMo...

Oh Jeez another brainwashed cultist writing from its cave. To have 1000+ brand boot licking comments is beyond the pathetic, either you have r too much idle time -i.e. no life- or you are on a payroll. Helpless in both cases.

Guess I must be one of those masochistic types because I installed Windows 7 as soon as it arrived. Thus r it has worked flawlessly. This is the first OS I have ever installed before SP1. The upgrade went quickly and easily. However, you have to do your homework with any new OS and make sure your drivers and software are compatible - especially if you are upgrading from XP. Windows 7 is not shy about letting you know when something isnt going to work. Seems to thats a lot better than installing the software and finding out later there are problems. Ive used every OS ever put out by Microsoft except Windows 2000 and I dont think I missed a whole lot there. Windows 7 is the BEST OS Ive used and Ive had no issues with it which is more than I can say for Vista or everyones beloved XP. XP had its ir share of problems at first tto but now that its at SP3, people have forgotten about that. If you do your homework, you will have no problems with Windows 7. My prediction? Windows 7 will be the most popular OS ever put out my Microsoft. It will become the next XP because of its stability and overall polish. Right now I work in XP and its a dinosaur compared to Windows 7. I work for a government agency and we are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 this coming year. Windows 7 is going to be a big winner for Microsoft.

If you read most Win 7 reviews in the net you will read:This time Microsoft got it right. The question is if this will be the reality. Only when millions of users after 6 months of usage provide their feedback we will know if all the hype is true. I wont be a guinea pig, Ill wait at least 6 months to even consider upgrading my XP PC to 7.

Why would you want to upgrade your XP PC? Is it not working? I will never understand people buying boxed OS versions in shops - just why? You get a PC with an OS pre-installed. Unless something is horribly wrong - and I never experienced anything like that - why bother?

Windows 7 is very good, not perfect, but good enough to warrant an upgrade. I moved from XP to 7 about a month ago with a corporate SA license. My PC is ster and more stable. I use photoshop and MS Flight Simulator. I never could run Flight Simulator in full graphics mode on XP, now I can with 7...no change in hardware. Ive heard from at least a dozen IT management peers that they are recommending the upgrade to thier companies. Those recommendations will trickle down to consumers. I was and remain impressed. Microsoft got it right this time.

Win7 is definitely better than Vista, but, to be ir, Vista was never as bad as the media (and Apple) said it was. I mean, Vista sold 350 million copies and runs on 20% of the worlds PCs. Mac OS is on less than 5% of the worlds computers. So, if Vista was a flop... what does that make the others? The reality is, Microsofts competitors can only dream of a flop that runs on 350 million computers. My guess is that Win7 will sell strongly based mostly on good word-of-mouth. I installed it on my netbook and it actually runs much better than XP did. I almost didnt upgrade, because I was afraid that a lot of the Win7 reviews for netbooks were hype, but Im glad I took my chances. Win7 works great on netbooks.

Vista wasnt bad because of market share numbers? What kind of stupidity is that? Vista sucked arse, and badly.

Besides OS X is north of 10% and rising,all at the expense of MS.

@ pentest - actually Vista was not bad at all. 7 is indeed ster - but to say that its much better - I see no reason. Both run well though.

@ pentestP: First you say that market share doesnt matter... and then you mention market share. So which is it?

As for Macs market share... yes, in the US, its just above 10%... but, worldwide, its below 5%, and Win7 is already above 4%. In a week, Win7 will likely pass Macs total worldwide market share. Sneer all you want at Windows, but the numbers dont lie.

Here are StatCounters numbers:

I dont really care about OS wars. What I do care about is that my shares in AAPL have appreciated 600% in the past five years, while MSFT has remained flat.

What has all their hallowed market share done for their investors?

That is a very intelligent attitude for a shareholder, I mean, everybody knows hype and popularity is what really matters in the stock market business, not actual sales and market share, thats for suckers. Of course buying low and selling high is always a good deal, but for buying low you need to be low, something Apple has been and Microsoft not; what you should (also) care about (and something you should probably learn as a shareholder) is something called relativity: if you compare the evolution of AAPL shares with other companies, you will find out that they have actually appreciated the same or less than that of most companies in the same time period; in other words, AAPL shares went from low to high, Microsoft shares have always been high; that means Microsoft is a safe company to invest on, Apple is not (the same way they went high they can go low any moment); in the end of the day, the decision is yours: investing in a company responsible for the worlds most used operating system and office suite, with a foot in almost every household and business in the world, or a company whose only market-leading product is an MP3 player, on which its te depends upon.

All their hallowed market share has made many MSFT shareholders millionaire; how millionaire are you? Or maybe you prefer to explain us if AAPL is so good and profitable and MSFT is such a money-loser and sucks so much, why MSFT has total assets of aprox. $77M and total equity of aprox. $40M against Apples aprox. $40M and aprox. $20M (I want even comment on your figures, because you make the 1st mistake in the book - not providing a source)?

PS: For someone who advertizes Apple the way you do, the use of the word hallowed in your comments is quite ironic and self-definable.

PS2: This is called the other side of the question (something else you should also care to learn).

Source: Wikipedia.

Fil0403 says-I want even comment on your figures, because you make the 1st mistake in the book - not providing a source

@Fil0403--Just curious, but where is the source for your figures or do we regularly practice double standards around here?? Im not saying I disagree with either post, but how maintaining some consistency if you are going to ult someone.

Oops, left out a word. I meant @Fil0403--Just curious, but where is the source for your figures or do we regularly practice double standards around here?? Im not saying I disagree with either post, but how ABOUT maintaining some consistency if you are going to ult someone.

but of course the sales are up. Every new PC/Laptop you buy this days comes pre-installed with W7

duh, what choice people have this days when they got to Best Buy to buy a PC?

nada, nothing but Windowz

but of course the sales are up.

I must be imagining that crisis.

Every new PC/Laptop you buy this days comes pre-installed with W7

When did Apple decide to pre-install W7 in Macs?

duh, what choice people have this days when they got to Best Buy to buy a PC?


nada, nothing but Windowz

I must be imagining all those Macs and people who use Linux, then.

PS1: Yes, brace youself, a Mac is also a personal computer. Unless by PC you mean a Windows machine, in which case Ill leave it up to you to realize the stupidity of your logic.

PS2: Yes, brace yourself, anyone is free to install Linux on top of Windows (of course, unlike Windows, its free, which certainly put many people off).

PS3: Most market share statistics used and shown are based on usage, not sales, which means they are actually mirroring how many people are actually using each OS, so its irrelevant what OS a machine comes with; anyone is free to buy a Mac or install and use Linux instead of Windows.

Microsoft getting lucky with 7?

Yes, thats exactly what it is, luck. Curiously, when Vista became a commercial flop, it wasnt bad luck, it was just the company and the OS that sucked.

Makes sense.

Everyone is talking about how cheaper Apples operating system. Keep talking. Because people will use what they know and people know Windows. Linux people are computer hobbyists, Mac people are graphic artists and everyone else is Windows. Apple had their chance back in the 80s but they thought Windows would never get as big as it did. But it did. Linux never had a chance to gain in the market because Windows was already dominating the market by the time Linux came.

Apple had a damn good computer and that was the Apple IIe. This was the computer that made Apple in the first place. But Apple thought the Mac would do better. It did though in graphics, but not in general usage though.

You shills said that for Vista and 7 is still unreasonably bloated and buggy.

When 7 can run a full desktop with all the 3D graphical bells and whistles with RAM usage under 500 MB then maybe it will be worth looking at.

not many people have enough to buy 3D hardware. If they want to check email, surf net, and typing, why should they need 3D for? waste of $$!!

Sorry pentest but show me a system that will run all bells and whistles with only 500MB RAM and Ill show you an older computer. No PC or Mac can do that as r as the new OSs and systems go.

@Pentest. I take it you havent used Windows 7 yet.. out of box with a clean install the memory usage is well below 500MB but you like to ramble on about things you dont know about. Its cool we all lose our minds and like to pretend we know what we are talking about sometimes.

Sales were up for Vista for a few weeks. All the nboys bought it and no one else did.

The ct is that if the enterprise doesnt buy 7 in a big way, Microsoft is in serious trouble.

Problem is, like Vista, there is no compelling reason to buy it.

But of course there is no compelling reason to change the OS - the only possible reason would be the old OS not working properly which is not the case. Why else would you change? Big companies dont chase the eye-candy, many still use 20-30 year-old software that definitely does not require a new OS.

Problem is, like Vista, there is no compelling reason to buy it.

how come so many people bought Win7? youre saying that theyve no brains to make their own decisions?

did you try to do some networking in Win7 and BitLocker in Win7 yet? They work flawlessly and integrate into main main servers seamlessly.

I dont know if Win7 works for you or not. But, for me, its working very well. No ulty! I didnt regret that I upgraded all of my 12 PCs to Win7 Ultimate.

whatever pentest you troll. ive upgraded several pcs for customers this week myself and the other shops in town have been doing upgrades as well. regular people are upgrading.

I installed Windows 7 after buying a $29.00 copy of Home Premium. Yhe experience is awsome! tThe upgrade went quickly and flawlessly. The Microsft-based comperter in my cave (some of the posts above accuse Microsoft users of living in caves) runs dual 24 inch monitors for an even better experience. Now I can write my homework s and look at two or three references at the same time. I am completely happy with Windows 7. Of course, some of the posters above have a good point; I really had no reason to upgrade because my Vista program was running fine for the last couple of years. Vista was a good program also. I have never had a problem with Vista, XP, or 2000. My Windows 98 machine caught some kind of bug after I Napstered for six months straight. Shouldnt have opened the screensaver... Im sorry to hear that Apple users are so teriffied of upgrading. I am glad that they are such good neighbors that their concerns gravitate to users of other operating systems. I know that victims of domestic violence might find it hard to trust of love members of the opposite again, even those who are safe and not abusive. I hope that Apple users can eventually get over their fears of upgrade trauma, even upgrade that are performed for no reason, and on other peoples computers. I am glad that I live in a cave. Otherwise, Apple users might be peeking in my Windows to see what I am doing. I am sure, that with therapy, a few Apple users might eventually be attracted to members of the opposite .

Great post and well written summary of all the ranting. Ive had DOS2.0, 2.1 and almost every version of MS since then. My latest excursion was into Vista....that was a horrible 2 months getting drivers, programs that worked with Vista, and probably &38;gt; 50hrs on the phone withe MS support. I rebuilt my system software 4 times.....BUT...for the past 18 months it has worked flawlessly. My upgrade to Win7 Home Premium was a stark contrast. Installed easily, found everything, and has worked very well. I only wonder why I upgraded though as I dont see much difference over Vista.

I wouldnt say MS got lucky I would say they got smart finally listening to the costumers, of course MS will get cocky and windows 8 will blow chunks we all know that.

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The two are looking to integrate Spotify into the social network, music industry sources tell CNET. With Spotifys U.S. debut expected soon, that could give the European music service a nice jump-start.

The FarmVille creator has finally followed through on reports that it would be going public, though it hasnt said how many shares it will offer.

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