A Perfect Treatment for Pancreatitis by Homeopathy

A Perfect Treatment for Pancreatitis by Homeopathy

The first happiness on the earth for a human is a perfect body and mind. Unfortunately, one has to pass through many diseases whether one likes it or not. The reason of disease may not be under one’s control but the cure is definitely there. One of such disease is Pancreatitis, which creates an unbearable pain in the lower abdomen of the patient and makes the life miserable. It is an inflammatory condition which begins within the pancreas. Pancreas is a large and one of the vital organs which is located right behind the stomach area and joined with the initial part of the small intestine, which is known as the duodenum in medical science.

Pancreatitis by Homeopathy
How it works?

It has two primary functions which are: supplying the enzymes for digestion, carbohydrates and fats to another part which is known as the small intestine and regulates metabolism and hormones in the body and creates insulin in the body to control sugar level. Usually when food is taken in, the pancreatic enzymes become active in the stomach and help to digest the food there. But in this painful condition, these enzymes become active in the gland itself and start its function of digestion, which creates severe and unbearable pain to the patient. In such situation, these enzymes cause tissue injury and inflammation of pancreas.

The symptoms:

This condition creates acute pain which starts suddenly and can move here and there in the abdominal area, which is known as wandering or shifting of pain. It can start suddenly and can stop in a few minutes or may last longer also. Gradually in absence of treatment, the situation of the patient becomes serious. Usually normal pain can be subsided or resolves in a few weeks or days on their own but severe situation may lead the patient to hospitalization also.

The symptoms of this disease are very simple as the acute pain creates chronic situations for the patients. After any food intake or consumption of alcohol, the pain grows severely . The patient may witness nausea and vomiting. He may be suffering with diarrhea and may lose appetite.

The causes:

Excessive alcohol consumption is the primary cause for this disease. Even Gall stones are also considered as a reason for this disease, which solidify the liquids and creates pain.

The treatment:

With the change of technology, the treatment for this disease is also available and homeopathic treatment for pancreatitis has very good result with a proven track record. It is very much necessary to consult a good homeopath on an urgent basis if the pain continues, as it can damage the pancreas permanently also. For this, there are many perfect solutions available in homeopathy which a qualified homeopath can suggest you after proper consultation and case study only.

Homeopathy is such a branch of medical science which studies the case minutely and finds out the primary cause of the disease, and then, starts the treatment.


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