Common Dog Eye Problems

Common Dog Eye Problems

Common Dogs Health Problems And How To Treat Them

Your dogs'' health is important. By being attuned to the behavior of your dog and taking him to the vet regularly, you will be able to identify his illnesses and treat him properly. Dogs are prone to many common illnesses.

When inspecting your dog''s eyes, you may notice that the eye is pink, indicating inflammation. You can improve your dogs'' health and make him more comfortable by applying a damp (warm water) towel to the eye. Keep the hair around your dog''s eyes short so it does not cause additional irritation. If the eye does not improve, take your dog to the vet, who will probably recommend eye drops to clear up the problem.

Many dogs experience allergy symptoms such as rubbing or scratching. Often, allergies can be attributed to ingredients in dog food. However, it may be difficult to determine exactly what is causing your dog to be uncomfortable. When you have dogs with allergies, switch to a dog food that has fewer ingredients or make a dog food with limited ingredients. If your dogs'' health improves, an ingredient in his food was probably causing the problem. Gradually add one new ingredient over a few days so you can determine which ingredients are affecting your dog''s comfort. However, dogs can have other allergies as well. Dogs with allergies can also be aggravated by dust or pollen. Dust your home regularly so that your dogs are comfortable.

Fleas and ticks can also impair your dogs'' health by making them itchy and irritating their skin. Maintain your dogs'' health care by inspecting your dog regularly and brushing him daily. Comb your dog over white paper so you can view black fleas if they happen to fall. Put the fleas in hot water and flush them in the toilet. A small amount of petroleum jelly on the comb may help the fleas adhere to it so they can be easily removed. If you observe a tick on your dog, remove it, and apply antiseptic to the bitten area.

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